Competition Outline

Participants Pending and early startup(founded within 7 years as of the application announcement date)
※ Individual businesses allowed
Application Details Business plan for the startup item
Finalist Pool Around 100 teams
Award Pool Around 5 teams total (Minister prize 1, DIP director prize 1, excellence prize 1, participation prize 2)

Operation Details

Audition Progress Method : Survival method

Prior Period Competition Period
1st Evaluation 2nd Evaluation 3rd Evaluation (Final) Award Ceremony
Ontact pitching Booth demonstration
(Teams that passed 1st round)
Stage pitching
(TOP 10 selected teams)
Announce winning teams and award
On-the-spot assessment In-depth assessment Overall assessment
Select TOP 30 Select TOP 10 Select winning teams
Online participation Offline participation Offline participation
Online stream
Offline participation
Online stream

Evaluation Method

1st Evaluation [Pitching Evaluation/Online]

  • All participants conduct Ontact* pitching in order / Within 100 seconds
    *Ontact : Meeting through online mechanisms
  • The participants proceed with pitching in their respective spaces through video camera and microphone, while the panel watch on the on-site stage via screen
  • General public and teams that participate in the 1st evaluation can also watch via online/mobile
  • Perform on-the-spot assessment based on innovation of the startup item(No Q&A)
  • Select TOP 30* and announce *Around 5 times the award pool

2nd Evaluation [Gallery Evaluation/Offline]

  • Booth demonstration by TOP 30 teams (idea, prototype, etc.) / Within 5 minutes per booth
  • Perform in-depth assessment based on startup item feasibility and marketability
  • Select and announce TOP 10 teams
  • Draw on-site for 3rd evaluation pitching presentation order

3rd Evaluation [Pitching Evaluation/Offline]

  • TOP 10 selected teams stage pitching and Q&A / Total 15 minutes
  • Online streaming of stage pitching situation
  • Assessment Details : Startup item innovation(20), startup item marketability(20), business plan adequacy(20), business plan completeness(20), entrepreneurship(10), pitching skill(10)
  • Select final winning teams

Announce Winning Teams and Award Ceremony [Online]

Award ceremony situation online stream