Participants 40 teams of middle and high school students (3 students per team)
Subject Solving projects through creative and converging thoughts and evaluating coding competence.

Grand Prize Minister of Education Prize 1 team (team, supervising teacher)
Gold Prize Superintendent of education Prize 3 Middle School Teams, 3 Supervising Teacher Teams
2 High School Teams, 2 Supervising Teacher Teams
Silver Prize Superintendent of education Prize 7 Middle School Teams
7 High School Teams
Bronze Prize Superintendent of education Prize 10 Middle School Teams
10 High School Teams

Operation Details


Coding Competition (Preliminary Round)

  • Participant registration (June)
  • Online coding competition (July)
  • (Middle School) Scratch
  • (High School) C and Python

Academy during School Vacation

  • 12 sessions during school vacation (August)
  • (Target) Teams advancing to the finals
  • (Content) Minecraft
  • Recorded in the school transcript

Education prior to finals/Training

  • Prior training for teachers (October)
  • Prior training for students (October)
  • Online/Offline Can be operated at the same time

GIF-related Final Competition

  • EXCO attendance (November)
  • (Middle School) 20 teams, (High School) 20 teams
  • Utilize Minecraft
  • Solving tasks and presentation

Final Competition


Duration Location Subject Operations
November 12th (Fri) to November 13th (Sat) 09:00 to 18:00 Online operations by affiliated schools Total 40 teams advancing to the finals ∘ 20 middle school teams (60 persons) ∘ 20 high school teams (60 persons) Minecraft

Competition Participation

  1. Task type: Utilizing Minecraft, submitting results and making team presentations after performing the project
  2. Submission results: Project completion, production of an explanation of the work (A1) and submission of a video explaining the work
    (Note: Results to be submitted may change according to the operation methods of the finals, so follow instructions in the future)
  3. Project solving procedure
  4. Check the Task Solve the Task Present the Results
    Analyze the task to perform the project Perform the team project and prepare for the submission and presentation of the results 3-minute presentation and Q&A
  5. How to prepare the results (draft)
    • Production and exhibition of work explanation (A1)
    • Submission of a video (3 minutes) explaining the work

Detailed Schedule of the Final Competition (Draft)

  • Day 1: November 12th (Fri) 09:30 to 18:00
  • Day 2: November 13th (Sat) 09:30 to 18:00
Time Details Notes
Day 1 09:00~09:30 Registration
09:30~10:00 Competition introduction and system inspection
10:00~12:00 Day 1 task introduction and project performance
12:00~13:00 Lunch Student lunch to be provided
13:00~17:00 Project performance Task analysis and problem solving
17:00~18:00 Day 1 task submission and back to home
Day 2 09:00~09:30 Registration (Attendance check)
09:30~12:00 Day 2 task introduction and project performance Task analysis and problem solving
12:00~12:30 Result report submission
12:30~13:30 Lunch Student lunch to be provided
13:30~15:30 1st session for team presentations Work explanation (A1), 3-minute presentation
15:30~16:30 2nd session for team presentations
Student mutual evaluation
Explanation video (3 minutes)
Evaluation through Google
16:30~17:30 Result announcement and commentary
17:30~18:00 Closing and back to home

※ Operation format and schedule are subject to change according to the development of the pandemic. For the method of result submission, follow the instructions on the day.