Tour Program

Regional industry/cultural exploration schedule

Time Main Schedule Description Remarks
10:00 Set off Gather and depart

※ Around 50 people in total

Two 45-seater buses(Can accommodate around 20 people per bus due to spacing between seat)
11:00~12:00 Samsung
Creative Campus Complex

Start up! Boost up!

  • Daegu Creative Economy Innovation Center
    • Established in 2014 as a regional representative start-up support organization, it has cultivated over 600 start-ups and is a center that conducts all 4 major start-up packages of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.
  • Samsung Chamber of Commerce building
    • Young entrepreneurship can be felt in Daegu, the starting city of the global company Samsung Group, and at Samsung Chamber of Commerce, the parent company of Samsung Group
  • Daegu Opera House
    • UNESCO City of Music, a major attraction of Daegu
12:00~13:00 Lunch

Restaurant in the Samsung Creative Campus

* Multiple restaurants are located on campus

Divide people into teams
13:40~14:30 Bullo-dong
Ancient Tombs

To culture! To history! 1

214 ancient tombs from the Three Kingdoms period have been restored to their original form, and the external form of these tombs is the most well kept among the ones currently in the Daegu area.

14:30~16:30 Palgongsan

To culture! To history! 2

  • Donghwasa
    • You can experience various Buddhist culture, such as Zen meditation, tea ceremony, and rubbing, through the temple-stay program at the historic temple built by Geukdal Hwasang in the Silla period (Year 493).
  • Palgongsan Cable Car
    • Experience the beautiful atmosphere of Palgongsan where the autumn leaves are at their peak beauty.
17:30 Arrive Arrival