Competition Outline

Participants Teams over 15 years old that can perform SW development/planning/design(1 team: max 4 people)
Competition Topic Microsoft
AI for Accessibility
KT KT How to utilize service robots to fit the untact era
Finalist Pool Approximately 200 participants
Award Pool Around 5 teams total (Grand prize 1, top award 1, excellence award 1, participation award 2)

Operation Details

Competition Progress Method

Schedule Day 1 Day 2
Progress Stage 1st Development 2nd Development 3rd Development Final Evaluation and Award Ceremony
Participant Team & Mentor Mentoring & Development Mentoring & Development Mentoring & Development Final evaluation of product and award ceremony
Participation Method Offline participation Offline participation Offline participation Offline participation

Mentoring Operation

  • Total 2x(During competition period) / Assigned mentor system
  • Operated using assigned mentor system for each team, and freely performed alongside the development subject


  • Panel(Mentor) : Around 8 experts in the topic field
  • Evaluation Method : Product submission and presentation (5 minutes for presentation, 5 minutes for Q&A per team)
  • Product : Submit as a rough prototype or service development(FAST Prototype) that can resolve, improve the suggested topic
  • Presentation Method : Explain the technology and key features used for the product, then operate the product on-site or demonstrate an actual operation video
  • Evaluation Details : Creativity (20pts), practicality (20pts), feasibility (20pts), marketability or investment potential (20pts), technology understanding/utilization (20pts)