Competition Outline

Participants Participating Qualification : Those over 15 years of age that have an idea on the topic
Finalist Pool Approximately 150 participants
Prize Pool Around 10 teams total (Grand prize 1, top award 1, excellence award 2, participation award 6)

Operation Details

Competition Topic

Digital Newdeal, Green Newdeal

Progress Details

Topic Lecture

Understanding of the business model related to the topic (1 time)

Team Building

  • Identify participant information and operate free search time through play wall
  • Form teams on-site through free speeches(Team composition : minimum 5 participants ~ maximum 8 participants)

Mentoring Operation

  • Total 1x(During competition period)
  • Freely perform at team tables, perform expert mentoring on difficulties during the development process such as business model direction, etc.



Around 6 experts in the topic field

Evaluation Method

  • Product : (1st)Create development plan/prototype that can resolve the provided topic and do a gallery presentation, (2nd)submit a presentation(PPT) file with the business model established
  • Presentation Method : Present based on ideas, technology, key features, and service model that can resolve the social issue

Assessment and Selection

  • 1st Evaluation : Reflect 30% of panel assessment
  • 2nd Evaluation : 70% panel + 30% peer assessment
  • Assessment Details : Idea value(20pts), innovation(20pts), feasibility(25pts), effectiveness(25pts), presenter capabilities(10pts)