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About Company


Interactor® was founded in 2014 by David Jung, Cisco architect who designed software powering the largest router in the world.


At the Internet networking company Cisco, the founders developed packet forwarding software. The software was built to run routers at full-duplex throughput of up to 322 Tera bit per second. Having built such high performance connectivity products, he started questioning why no such product exists for solution building. Everything after connectivity still had to be coded or rely on cloud platforms. Inspired by the challenge, a company was started to create a product that makes building enterprise-level solutions as simple as punching in a few commands.


Interactor® is the product that enables solution building for GREAT ideas, offering the reliability of enterprise-level solutions as well as the flexibility, scale and performance today’s applications require. Interactor® provides software licensing, professional services for designing and building, and support services for ongoing product support that is needed for enterprise customers.


We have branch and partner offices across the US and the Asia-Pacific. Simply contact us or our partners to more information. Please compare our product with others’ and see how much time and cost you could be saving.